About Sara-Jane

I am a qualified Coach and Health Practitioner with over 30 yrs experience in health.


With coaching and mentoring  you and your family can follow the path from ill-health into proactive health. 

Regaining control of your life by turning negative, destructive situations into positive, more cope-able ones. Finding coping mechanisms, new motivations, habits and solutions can help change what you and your family are experiencing. 

Dealing with relatives going through ill health (for e.g. Parkinson’s Dementia, Fibromyalgia, long Covid or any illness that has changed how you live your life.) and those themselves who have a long term diagnosis. 

Looking at all areas of your life in order to see how you can benefit yourself in moving forward in complex times by recreating your meaning/purpose and fulfilment.


Coaching can be an effective tool for people suffering from anxiety, depression or in dealing with self-awareness, stress and confidence concerns.

By gaining more certainty of yourself and an improved sense of wellbeing, you are able to get clear on your goals, fears and self-doubts, to help find your motivation and direction. With help, you can create a positive mindset, improve your mental health, and gain coping tools and strategies. 


I work with individuals and small groups and Teams in Healthcare companies.

Most of my clients are coached over the internet, (via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype) but I also coach clients face to face and over the telephone.

Sessions can be booked time-wise to suit your needs.

Everything is kept strictly confidential, under the Data Protection Act.  I will not share any of your personal details with anyone or anybody, without your prior consent.

I have invested a lot of time and money in personal development and training to become a coach. I have spent most of my life working in the Health sector as a qualified practitioner both private and public, helping people to develop and become the best they can possibly be. 

The coaching I offer is excellent value for money and I am committed to giving you the best service there is. I offer a free half an hour introductory session.

You can checkout my professional fees here.

I highly recommend a group of sessions for maximum impact on your life so I have created cost effective packages to suit your individual needs: